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    Rules that apply on all servers
    you agree to all of these rules when connecting and making use of the PhanaticMC minecraft server and affiliated resources (website, discord, facebook page, etc)
    • Do not discuss bans or punishments in chat
      • Punishment: temporary mute
      • Details: We have a ban appeals section on the forums as well as the web interface for the ban plugin, asking staff to unban/unmute your friend is not allowed. Also saying the ban/mute in chat for causing unnecessary drama is not allowed. For example "wow everyone look my friend got muted for ____ this is so unfair" is not acceptable
    • No Advertising other servers
      • Punishment: ban & IP ban if spammy and purposely advertising, temporary ban or mute if saying in passing without a real intent to advertise
      • Details: Includes private message. We want players to stay here, it is rude and is an abuse of the chat to advertise. Obviously it is also harmful to the server to lose players. Just mentioning server names is counted in this to ensure no loopholes.
    • Alternate accounts
      • Alts are allowed on the condition you make commonly known it is an alt, and announce when joining the server in chat, or tell anyone who asks. For example say "This account is an alt of PhanaticD" when joining or asked by any player. Hiding the fact that it is in alt if found out will result in ban of alt.
      • If alt is used to bypass any form of punishment (mute/ban) then punishment of original account will be increased, and alt account will be permanently banned with no appeal possible for alt
      • breaking the rules on an alt will result in "main" account receiving appropriate punishment and alt permanently banned with no appeal possible
      • saying an account is your alt or claiming to be an alt of someone you are not will result in ban of alt
      • if you use a shared alt, that is your risk and responsibility. There will be no special treatment for griefing etc
      • If a "main" account receives punishment, all alts are subject to same punishment. If "main" is unbanned/unmuted from appeal or purchase, alts are subject to same unban/unmute
      • Compromised/hacked/stolen/leaked accounts are not allowed to be used as alts
      • If you previously had an alt banned prior to the rule change for alts, you may appeal for it for unban prior to October 8, 2019
      • discord and website alts are still not allowed
    • No real world trading
      • Punishment: warning, then tempban if continued
      • Details: Asking anywhere on the server to trade items for buycraft purchases or cash is not allowed. This is also for your own protection from chargeback bans
    • No Racism or "trolling"
      • Punishment: ban
      • Details: This involves coming on the server saying things just for the purpose of offending people
      • Includes inappropriate links (porn, jumpscare)
      • Includes pretending or saying you are a staff member, or know a staff member personally when you don't
    • No Harassment
      • Punishment: tempban or ban
      • Details: direct threats or overly sexual unwanted behavior. ddos related threats. IP logger links. doxing, saying first names is allowed but not last names. saying "kys" falls under this rule. claiming to be joking with friends will be taken at staff discretion.
    • exploits/dupes/bugs/glitches etc are to be reported
    • No spamming
      • Punishment: kick then if continued tempban or tempmute
      • Details: Spam constitutes if you are able to see the same message 3+ times when opening chat/ posting multiple messages with 1 word or close text
    • Language
      • Punishment: at discretion of staff
      • Details: any inappropriate language can result in any punishment and is completely at the discretion of staff for the situation involved. Since this means mature usage of language is allowed, you may not want to see it. If so use the command /censor to replace inappropriate words with **** in chat
    • No bypassing mutes
      • Punishment: tempban
      • Details: do not bypass a mute using anything another player can see, for example faction tags, pets, disguises, signs, or books
    • Custom Clients:
      • Punishment: ban
      • Details: hack modifications with the intent of cheating will result in a ban. Any questions please ask staff and include a link to the mod
      • NOT allowed
        • any and all hack clients
        • mouse modifications such as auto-clicker programs or programs that do multiple clicks per mouse click.
        • xray texture packs
        • scripts/bots except for certain activities (see below)
      • Allowed
        • console client & phone clients
        • Optifine
        • Shaders
        • 5zig
        • worldeditCUI
        • minimap mods (on pvp servers must NOT show entity locations)
        • sprint/sneak toggle mods
        • Inventory sorting type mods (on non-pvp servers only!)
        • schematica
        • mousedelayfix for 1.8
        • tcpnodelaymod for 1.7.10
        • 1.7 animations for 1.8 mod
    • Do not trash talk or disrespect the server or its staff
      • Punishment: ban
      • Details: in order to promote a toxic-free environment we do not need anyone with a bad attitude to be playing the server. If you don't like it just log off. If staff are abusing their power email [email protected] with proof.
    • English only in public chat
      • Punishment: warning then kick if continued
      • Details: private message is allowed but not global chat
    • No building above the bedrock in the nether
      • Punishment: removal of building
    • Do not abuse or misuse /report or the reports section on forums
      • Punishment: tempban
      • Details: reports is to be used for reporting grief or important questions not having a conversation or asking for items
    • Auction House is to be used appropriately
      • Punishment: tempban
      • Details: items that are priced super high as a joke are not allowed. Items that are placed to advertise something are not allowed
    • Drop parties/giving away of donator kits are not allowed
      • Punishment: tempban
      • Details: This is meant only for people who come on the server just to give your kit away then log off. We want players to be active and actually use and value their items they paid for in gameplay
    • Redstone clocks that are not in active use are not allowed
      • Punishment: removal of device, tempban if repeat offender
      • Details: tick clocks cause lag, turn off your redstone clocks when you are not using them. This includes hoppers in mass & hopper clocks. Being AFK near the device in question does not constitute "active use". This rule only applies if the server is lagging.
      • clock based piston designs for large-scale farming are not allowed due to server lag concerns. Use block update designs, they work just as well and are much more efficient
    • No large disguises or pets at spawn/hub (rank rule)
      • Punishment: warning then kick
      • Details: they block the signs and are an annoyance
    • No offensive structures
      • Punishment: tempban
      • Details: things like swastikas, penis statues, built out letters with insults/swears, etc
    • No pretending to hack or dupe
      • Punishment: tempmute
      • Details: wastes staff time to investigate just to find out its a joke
    • history may be taken into account for new punishments, a bad history may result in more strict punishment
    • PhanaticD has the right to ban anyone for any reason
    Additional rules per server


    • No Stealing/Griefing/Killing (unless consensual)
      • Punishment: ban
      • Details: killing involves players as well as their animals
    • No regenerating islands for cheating purposes
      • Punishment: ban
      • Details: restarting once is okay but over and over again to get grass is not
    • Flying and/or godmode is not allowed in the end for dragon killing
      • Punishment: tempban
      • Details: fairness purposes, flying is not allowed for killing the dragon
    • Legacy Sponsor rank perks are for your own use on your own island
      • Punishment: possible removal of perks
      • Details: do not sell, trade, or giveaway any special items that can only be gotten from this ranks
    • roleplay is to be done in local chat only
      • Punishment: tempmute
    • please keep roleplays/chat/buildings PG-13
      • Punishment: tempban or ban depending on severity
      • Details: no sex roleplay, no penis statues
    • Having hacked items that cause issues for other players will result in a ban
      • Any other illegitimate items will be simply taken away
    • No impersonating staff with nicknames
      • Anything that might hint at you being server staff is not allowed
    • No Stealing/Griefing/Killing (unless consensual)
      • Punishment: ban
      • Details: killing involves players as well as their animals
    • Massive amounts of tile entities or entities are not allowed as they cause server lag and will result in plot deletion or deletion of the offending blocks
      • this means no large head shops (over 300 is considered large)
      • no large areas of hoppers
    • Having a mob spawner or command block in your possession will result in a ban
    • Protection blocks are for your build only
      • Punishment: if used to grief or claim someone else's land: ban
      • Details: removed at staff discretion if in an inactive area
    • No Stealing/Griefing/Killing (unless consensual)
      • Punishment: ban
      • Details: killing involves players as well as their animals
    • Protection blocks are for your build only
      • Punishment: if used to grief or claim someone else's land: ban
      • Details: removed at staff discretion if in an inactive area
    • No Stealing/Griefing/Killing (unless consensual)
      • Punishment: ban
      • Details: killing involves players as well as their animals
    capture the flag
    • Do not teamkill or purposely demolish your own base
      • Punishment: tempban
    • No Team Trolling
      • Punishment: kick then if continued tempban
      • Details: blocking ally team arrow shots, holding flag to stop gameplay (skyflag), lighting teammates on fire, spleefing teammates, breaking ally boats in use, etc
    • No Team Griefing (Skyflag)
      • Punishment: kick then if continued tempban
      • Details: destroying bridges that are being used to reach enemy flag is not allowed, other types of bridge breaking are at staff discretion
    • No Spawntrapping / Spawnflooding
      • Punishment: warn/kick then if continued tempban
      • Details: Building walls that surround the immediate spawn area of any team as well as flooding spawns is not allowed.
      • Skyflag: trapping a team at their island will result in refunding of resources if no attempt to capture the flag is made
    • No assisting the enemy
      • Punishment: warn then if continued tempban
      • Details: Giving resources or tools/weapons to the enemy is not allowed. This includes healing enemies in fights or generally assisting them with winning.
    • No giving out rank items
      • Punishment: warn then if continued tempban
      • Details: do not attempt to stockpile or give out rank only items to other players
    • You are not allowed to buy/sell mined items that have different prices per mine
      • Punishment: tempban
      • Details: includes paying people to mine for you
    • plot death traps are not allowed
      • Punishment: plot clear and tempban
    • No Stealing/Griefing/Killing in the plot world (unless consensual)
    • Punishment: ban
    • Details: killing involves players as well as their animals, or dropping junk
    • No Stealing/Griefing/Killing in bases (unless consensual)
      • Punishment: ban
      • Details: killing involves players as well as their animals
    • Do not request changes to bending moves using in-game chat
      • Punishment: tempmute
      • Details: post suggestions in the suggestions section of the forums, post bug reports in the server issues section of the forums
    • If a player politely asks you to stop continually attacking them ("targeting") and they do not attack you at all, leave that player alone
      • Punishment: kicks or tempbans only given after ignoring a direct warning from staff to stop
      • Details: since this rule will require direct staff intervention please keep in mind it may be difficult to enforce
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    Rank Purchase Specific Rules

    Can I buy a rank for a friend?

    - yes, but only if said person consents. Buying anything for someone without their permission will result in the money being refunded and a 10 day ban.

    To actually report someone buying a rank for you that you did not want, just send me an email: [email protected]

    This is now the policy in place as a preventative measure against someone buying you a rank then opening a chargeback on it resulting in you being banned. If you do not email me asking for the rank to be removed you accept full responsibility for the ranks, and if there is a chargeback, you WILL be banned until the money is re-paid. The only exception to this is if you did not make use of the rank. You can appeal the ban and I will check if you actually used the features of the rank, this will prevent purchases made for the sole intention of getting you banned.

    Can I give out kits?
    - yes but for servers with an economy please sell them instead (except minigames)

    You are not allowed to impersonate staff using pets or disguises

    You are not allowed to auction or otherwise exploit gadgets items

    No Refunds

    No Rank transfers

    No charge backs, you will be banned until repaid
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    Website Forum Rules

    - dont multiple post in a row, use the edit button

    - report spambots with the report button, do not reply to spambot posts

    - post thread in their appropriate section, for example do not post on a news thread asking for an unban

    - Dont post useless posts like "okay" or "lol"

    - no negativity threads, for example "leaving" threads, making fun of creative chat threads, "this server sucks" threads

    - You are not allowed to sell anything or do giveaways involving money without asking first

    - signatures should not have videos, and have a maximum of 1 image. large amounts of text is no good either

    - You are not allowed to have a regular human face as your profile picture that is not you (deceiving others about your appearance for compliments etc)

    - spam liking/reacting all of someone's or a forum's posts is not allowed

    - alternate accounts are not allowed
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