Factions 24 hour temp ban

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by BlueFlame172, Jun 29, 2020.

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    1. Current username and if changed username when banned if different than current
    2. What are you appealing? (Perm ban, Tempban, Mute, ipban)
    3. What were you banned for? Post the exact message presented upon trying to log in, or the message showed on the ban management page.
    Creating an alt faction which is not true because I was already banned for that which was 24 hours and when I played today they create a new 24 hour temp ban. now they seem to really just be adding time so I cannot attempt raid efforts or play end of map
    4. What is your rank on any of our servers? Guest/Member/Donor (please only state one)
    5. Do you think this ban is correct?
    No. I never made an alt faction after I got unbanned from my first 24 hour temp ban.
    6. Why should your ban be reversed?
    I am falsely banned. Please check my appeal. I would like to message owner
    7. Please tag the staff member who banned you (use an @ before their name)(if console banned you, tag PhanaticD) @PhanaticD


    All bans will be looked over and considered. The unbans section is here to help those wrongly banned. If you broke the rules don't expect to be unbanned.
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    Why did you not disband the faction then

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