Regular AirBlast glitches

Discussion in 'Server Issues' started by ThisIsOllie, Mar 11, 2019.

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    Since the reset there’s a new option that has been added to AirBlast. You’re able to flick levers, push buttons and open doors. With this new feature I tried some things out and found out two bugs.

    • When you flick a lever or push a button with an AirBlast, it will not activate the redstone that’s connected to it.

    • When you have AirBlast selected and when left-click on a button, it will shoot a blast at the button and it will turn into “activate mode”. When you break the button while it’s in “activate mode” you can pick it up and after the plugin puts the button back to “deactivate mode” it will be placed back and you will have 2 buttons.

    If you do not understand what I mean, please ask me to demonstrate to you in-game. My name is ThisIsOllie.
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