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    1. Current Username: djofox (I have not changed my username)

    2. I am appealing a permban

    (The link did not work, so I came here)

    4. I did not have a rank

    5. Yes i do think the ban is correct and valid. About 3 to 4 years back, (i think) I went to mcleaks and used alts on many servers to provide an ingame advantage to me. I think I used a total of 2 alternate accounts on your server but I can't be sure. Its been a long time.

    6. I feel that my ban should be reversed because i've been banned a very long time ago. I know this is not a valid excuse but it is true. I had not looked over the rules in any way and I thought that alt's were allowed just like most servers I play on. I will look over the rules if you pardon me and play by them.

    7. I have no idea who banned me, as you can see from the picture.

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