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Discussion in 'Builder Applications' started by Blu, Jul 30, 2020.

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    I expect this application to get instantly denied by Josh due to past encounters with other servers, however this was in January and I left their build team in February.

    What is your in-game name?

    MetaChopsticks (It will be Blque again after I can change it again)

    What is your Discord? (Builders will communicate/type chat via Discord)


    What is your timezone?


    Have you used Voxel Sniper/WorldEdit before? If so to what extent do you understand and know how to use these plugins?

    I terraform with Voxel, Worldedit, Gobrush, and Gopaint, I have been working with all these plugins for years, and I would say I know them better than every builder on the current build team.

    How active of a player are you and how long have you played on PhanaticMC?

    Pretty active, Im trying to get back into the server. I have been playing for 2/3 years I cant remember.

    What is your specialty? (Organics, Terraforming, Structures, etc)

    Terraforming and oh boy you will see that in my portfolio. Im decent with organics, and I try to avoid them - my landscaping is good and my structures are doable

    What themes do you know how to build? (Oriental, Medieval, Steampunk, Gothic, etc)

    I try to focus more on Landscaping/Terraforming however I can do Medieval and Oriental

    Why do you want to be a builder on PhanaticMC?

    I have been on a team, and I was a solo builder for a few months, and I want to get back into the grind and hopefully pump out some new builds, as I build daily on select servers (mainly mine)

    What makes you stand out as a builder?

    I'm great at terraforming, and learning, and I think I am better than most people on the current build team, the build gods left when the new builder application style came out. I have done big things since the phanmc build team, worked on multiple servers, and perfected my skills.

    Pictures/Videos/Anything else to show off your builds: (if they are on PhanaticMC which is highly recommended say how we can locate it in game)

    Yes, is my portfolio, and I have a Resume, and Cover letter that were originally wrote for another server I made maps for Ill give you a hint; Biggest minecraft server

    [Edit] The last image on my portfolio is a Hypixel duels map, I have more work for them, however I was asked not to share it in portfolios etc. Also josh Im sorry for advertising if thats the look your taking on this

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