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Discussion in 'Builds' started by Besett, Mar 13, 2018.

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    With the upcoming faction reset coming up pretty fast i need a design for me and my co leader's box.

    Several requirements are needed...
    -The parameters are simple a 60x21x60 (including walls and ceilings)
    -a clear divide thro the middle roughly right on the center (can be more organic transition)
    -Chests wall that is roughly 6 tall and 10 wide (can be bigger)
    -Any materials that are 1.7.10 compatable
    -Have contacted me throught the forums and/or ingame (IGN=Besett)

    You need to be good at building with a moderate level of detail and well...

    Msg me for a few other requirements that are hard to explain. If interested do /fr add Beset(press tab)
    if i tab then im online and you can /fr add besett, if i miss it then just msg me on forums... I will discuss the potential prizes for this if you are interested in any.

    Tagging some builders for potential builders
    @bluecheese2 @raden3 @TacoPockets @Bagelchub @hawk0211
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    count me innnnnnnn

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