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    1.What is your in-game name?
    2.What is your Discord? (Builders will communicate/type chat via Discord)
    3.What is your timezone?

    Central European Summer Time
    4.Have you used Voxel Sniper/WorldEdit before? If so to what extent do you understand and know how to use these plugins?
    Yes, i do know how to use WorldEdit, i've worked with it before.
    5.How active of a player are you?
    I'm a really active player, i'm going to play 'at least' 5-6 hours a day in this vacation, and 3 hours or more after the vacation.
    How long have you played on PhanaticMC.
    I'm not really certain if i have played before on this server. but i have played atleast 15+ hours in the last few days.
    7.What is your speciality? ( Organics, Terraforming, Structures, etc)
    I can do a bit of everything. but i have less experience with Terraforming. but i'm willing to get more used to it as i do have a lot of free time to spend on improving my building skills.
    8.What themes do you know how to build? (Oriental, Medieval, Steampunk, Gothic, etc)
    I can manage with every theme. Building is building and i will just have to do what i'm supposed to do.
    9.Why do you want to be a builder on PhanaticMC?
    I have a lot of time this vacation. and i really want to get back to building,
    10.What makes you different from the other applicants?

    I assume that i'm one of the few European people that have applicated here. so i can begin with building a lot earlier or later then most builders on the server. I'm also a perfectionist and wont stop until i'm done with my building until i have to or i'm done.
    11.Why should we consider you as a builder for the team?
    I really want to help improve any server that i like. and again, i'm willing to put a lot of time into my builds and into the server.
    12.Pictures/Videos/Anything else to show off your builds:
    I don't have any "evidence" of my building skills since it has only been my second month of playing Minecraft in a years time. but i would like to prove it by having someone give me a task and completing it in a certain time. and i will make a few small builds on my creative plot to show off the different things im able to make.

    Guidelines to follow for application builds:
    - You must be the one who built it or at least 90% of it
    I tend to build on my own, but i wont say no to working with other builders.
    - Each project must be a different style
    I agree as it also keeps more interest into building for a while.
    - Each project must be nothing smaller than a 20x20 plot,
    No comment
    - Do not use a shader or a texture pack
    i already play without any of this.
    - Try to be original
    No comment
    - If they are on our server, include where we can find them

    Not yet, but i will try to build somewhere on the server. (on creative.)
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    You shouldn't apply if you don't have any builds to show off. First make some buildings then post them here. :)

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