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Discussion in 'Builder Applications' started by DarkRoseFTW, Sep 9, 2019.

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    Hello my name is Dark Rose [ Real name: Enes said like Ennes ]

    I really wanted to be a builder on a Minecraft server for a long time now, i hope i can shoot my shot right now!

    In-Game name: DarkRoseFTW

    Discord: dark rose#6969

    Time zone: Amsterdam time zone

    I have used WorldEdit for a long time now, i've never heard of Voxel Sniper before

    I'm really making a comeback to Minecraft right now about 1 week now, i only have like 2 hours on PhanaticMC right now but i really like the server!

    Specialty is building houses mostly medieval style

    I really like this server! And i really want to be a builder.

    I am really social! And this is the first server for me to have a chance to be builder on!

    I don't have any pictures of build on me right now. Ill try and make some in the server soon!

    Well that's it! I hope you enjoyed reading that, i wish you a great day!

    -Dark Rose, Enes.
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    this is rejected as you do not have any pictures of builds

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