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    What is your in-game name?
    What is your Discord? (Builders will communicate/type chat via Discord)
    Sir_Cookle #7579
    What is your timezone?
    Have you used Voxel Sniper/WorldEdit before? If so to what extent do you understand and know how to use these plugins?
    I use and understand World edit the most because it is easy to use and I am most used to it. I use world edit to make big structures such as maps, trees, mountains and builds like that. I sometimes use world edit to make terrane but sometimes I just like making it on my own.
    How active of a player are you and how long have you played on PhanaticMC?
    I will be able to play on most days 3 - 5 hours a day. On weekends maybe more but that depends on what I am doing on those days.
    What is your specialty? (Organics, Terraforming, Structures, etc)
    I am best at making Maps and bigger and detailed structures, I can also make mountains, floating islands, island, giant trees, etc.
    What themes do you know how to build? (Oriental, Medieval, Steampunk, Gothic, etc)
    I know how to make modern, medieval and apocalyptic builds.
    Why do you want to be a builder on PhanaticMC?
    I have been playing Minecraft for I believe 3 and a half years now. I have always loved Minecraft and I always had a passion for the building. As a kid, I grew up around architects (family) and I loved designing and etc. I started playing Minecraft because my friend asked me to but I didn't know that you had the power to create anything (building wise). From there I continued playing Minecraft but it wasn't until 2 years ago had I applied for my first server to build on. Not going to lie, I was not that good but I mainly joined servers to see other building styles. Shortly after I suddenly got a huge burst of creativity and I felt like I could build anything. I then started to learn world edit and that and that helped me out with most of my builds. At that point I was becoming head-builder on small servers. Unfortunately they have shutdown which I am really disappointed by.
    What makes you stand out as a builder?
    I can make many detailed and big builds, I can build for a really long time without either taking a break or giving up. I have a really wide variety of builds and enjoy building on a base.
    Pictures/Videos/Anything else to show off your builds: (if they are on PhanaticMC which is highly recommended say how we can locate it in game)

    Island: https://imgur.com/Kmmr89v

    Giant tree: https://imgur.com/KWafQan

    (!) I have many more builds if needed.
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