Regular Can't connect to server using Nvidia geforce now to play mc

Discussion in 'Server Issues' started by piglop, Apr 15, 2018.

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    i like to use nvidia geforce now to play mc becasue it just runs better and i like that u know but like i have had no issues connecting to [server] or [Server] for example but when i try to connect to this server i never can. I have tried connecting to the server without using geforce now just to see if it would work and it did. It doesn't make much sense to me because - and - have worked on geforce now but this server doesn't. I am on 1.12.2 btw. Hope i can get some help.

    This is thee error i get btw. mc help pahntic.PNG

    Removed server names - Staff
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    just dont use it for the server i guess
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    You're Firewall may be blocking incoming traffic from the server, that's all I can find on it. Don't know how cuz I've never had to but figure out how to check your Firewall, that may help.

    Edit: If you haven't updated Java in awhile try updating as well.
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    He's using Nvidia GeForce NOW, which is a cloud based gaming platform. The games are rendered in the cloud and streamed directly back to the client's PC with no delay. The hardware in their datacenters is extremely high end and Java is set up correctly. It's not his Firewall issue, that error is generally found when a Minecraft server is offline, or when connecting to an Unknown Host (IP Typo?)

    Look at for details.

    For fixing your problem, make sure you use the right IP, or, if that doesn't work, try

    Also, you shouldn't really need to use GFN, since the minimum spec requirements for running GFN are higher than the minimum specs for Minecraft.
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