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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jackaranda, Jun 29, 2021.


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  1. Jackaranda

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    As many people know, chiblockers can be very powerful. However, it is often very difficult for chiblockers to reach their targets because of knockback. I propose that FlyingKick, the mobility/attack combo performed with SwiftKick, should have its cooldown reduced to 3 seconds instead of its current 5-second cooldown. The damage would have to be reduced to 0.5 instead of 1.5, though.

    Why would this be beneficial?

    This would make it easier for a chiblocker to approach a bender. Currently, it's almost impossible to get anywhere close to a bender before they are knocked back again, and they are slowly killed with damage buildup. As a chiblocker, for me personally, it's really quite difficult to compete against a bender being consistently knocked back. The current FlyingKick cooldown being 5 seconds, it's hard to recover from a knockback situation where FlyingKick had been canceled. On the other hand, it's painfully easy to keep a chiblocker away with a few moves as a bender. I feel like this change would balance chiblockers and benders a little more. It would also challenge benders to try a little harder against a chiblocker when they previously wouldn't have. Thanks.

    For those worrying that this would be too overpowered:

    The new FlyingKick would resemble damaging a target with Flight, except a lot slower. A chiblocker is meant to be an offensive fighter, this change makes more sense than spamming daggers from a distance.

    EDIT: Instead of a change from 1.5 >> 0.5 hearts of damage, a change from 1.5 >> 1 might be more helpful. Changing from 1.5 >> 0.5 would render FlyingKick somewhat useless as an offensive damage combo, which it was intended for. A change to 1 heart of damage still balances the cooldown as well as keeping some of its intended use as a damaging combo.
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  2. _R3fResH_

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    if its 1.5 hearts of damage rn I rather see it change to 1 heart damage instead of 0.5 coz if not the damage will be too low in my opinion
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