Factions Map July 10

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    Factions July 10 Map

    Here is what is new:
    • Map will be 1 month long and will end August 10
    • FTop rewards changed:
      • FTop 1 - $250 paypal
      • FTop 2 - $100 buycraft gift card
      • FTop 3 - $30 buycraft gift card
    • emeralds price lowered, cactus and sugar cane price increased
    • spawners can no longer be placed in unclaimed land, and on unclaim will be deleted (you will have 10 seconds to reclaim in case of accident)
    • faction shields added, max of 14 hours
    • sandbots added to shop
    • new creative mode printer plugin so should be less ghost blocks
    • cobble/stone generation is disabled (no regen walls, this is not permanent for the server and we may switch in future map releases)
    • gears 2 custom enchant enabled
    • Auction house (/ah) limit increased to 10 per player
    • gapple cooldown - 3 minutes
    • "mighty tool" legend items will have 5x5x5 area
    • KOTH will give a random protection 5 armor piece as reward to those present when winning, and will be every 3 hours instead of every hour
    here are new rules:
    • no hiding ftop value
    • insiding is against the rules
    • fastest cannons 3 second
    • no using special patching while being raided (builder wand, gen buckets, sandbots)
    • alts are not allowed to create a faction or be in a faction different from main account
    • please review the full faction rules in detail here: https://phanaticmc.com/rules
    here is what is gone:
    • the rentable shop area and chest shop plugin
    • logging of tnt. we will be unable to rollback tnt if something goes wrong. I made many optimizations to plugins to make cannons perform better and this is one of the biggest lag causes so I had to compromise
    • liquid tanks (literally never used)
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    i didnt even know there were liquid tanks in factions lol
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    what are the new emerald prices?

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