Factions Reset Fall Season 2019

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    Factions Reset Fall Season 2019

    >> Opens tomorrow (Friday) 5PM EST! <<

    Changes made during last map:
    • better /tnttoggle added
    • anti-xray added
    • chat item plugin added, use [ i ] in chat to display item in hand
    New changes:
    • chat plugin changed from essentialschat to deluxechat
    • factions plugin got a huge update, it should still be the same experience, let me know immediately if anything seems off
    • you can no longer put spawners, gold blocks/ingots, diamond blocks/gems, and emerald blocks/gems in chests, hoppers, droppers, or dispensers
    • creepers drop 1 TNT on death
    • autosell chests will say total in one message rather than a message per chest
    • access to /condense
    • eco changes:
      • gold ingot $27 -> $270, gold block $243 -> $2430
      • diamond gem $180 -> $1800, diamond block $1620 -> $16200
      • emerald gem $20 -> $10000, emerald block $1800 -> $90000
      • string $10 -> $6
      • enderpearl $50 -> $30
      • No more 4x multiplier for buy price of items in /shop
    The goal of these changes is to steer players away from making hidden chest vaults that they just afk for and claim at the end of the map to win, and instead toward making a base with stockpiles of blocks placed in the world to actively protect

    As always the first week TNT and creeper block damage will be disabled

    If you are an older player than last map here and here are the last two season announcements with their changes
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    anyone wanna adopt me into their fac. im a great powerslave

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