Bending Fireski conflicting firejet combos

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Shad7860, Dec 2, 2019.


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  1. Shad7860

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    Note: I had made a post regarding this, but it was very unclear and convoluted, heres a link to the old one:
    If a staff member would be so kind to lock the first one, thatd be very much apreciated.

    What is your suggestion?
    I suggest that FireSki be changed from mid-air shifting with firejet to mid-air shift-leftClicking.

    Why do we need this? or What made you post this suggestion?
    We need this because it would allow firebenders to perform firejet combos in mid air without getting rid of fireski.

    What are the possible negative aspects of your suggestion?
    The bad thing about this suggestion is that it might take quite a bit to code it in, and players would need to get used to it for a bit.

    What are the positive aspects of your suggestion?
    The good thing about this suggestion is that fire becomes a tad bit more versatile.

    How can this suggestions be achieved on the server?
    This can be done by coding it in.
    Might also be a good idea to edit the /b help page for FireSki if this gets implemented.
  2. Apheri

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    From what i've heard, not being able to use the jet combos mid air and having fireski auto turn on felt very clunky. I think fire could use a versatility buff, and have seen a lot of people asking for this quality of life change that would help fire be more in line with other elements longterm.
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  3. Pan_Muffinek

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