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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Gucci_Nuttter, Jul 9, 2019.

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    To appeal a ban start a new thread with your username and the person who banned you as the title. Copy the following format and fill in your own answers. Do not include the link that shows in your ban reason.


    1. Banned Players Username
    2. What are you appealing? Perm Ban

    3. What were you banned for? Post the exact message presented upon trying to log in, or the message showed on the ban management page. There's a little video of where apparently I was hitting someone through an obsidian block.

    4. What is your rank on any of our servers? Guest/Member/Donor (please only state one) Donor

    5. Do you think this ban is correct? No, I don't even understand how that happened but on my screen there was no obsidian block in front of me.

    6. Why should your ban be reversed? It's a small glitch that makes it look like I'm using some sort of client. There was no obby block in front of me at all and it let me keep hitting the guy, not to mention I don't have a history of this type of stuff

    7. Please tag the staff member who banned you (use an @ before their name)(if console banned you, tag PhanaticD)
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    I’ll go ahead and unban you simply because of how clean ur history is involving hacks. I’m not understanding how this could have been a glitch but I’ll give you a chance, I do not expect to see anything related to hacks surrounding you.
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