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    To apply for helper rank:
    1. Click "Post New Thread" in the helper applications sub-forum
    2. Select the thread title prefix for the server you wish to apply for
    3. For the title put your username
    4. In the post put a paragraph on why you deserve the rank
    5. Include your Discord so that an admin can give you the rank
    6. Click "Create Thread"
    If at least two Admins vouch for you, you will get the rank and be expected to help new players and people with questions on gameplay. The helper rank is for this purpose only, not to enforce the rules, but only to help out with questions on how the server works and questions on how playing minecraft works
    You may only apply for one server at any one time.
    Do not bug Staff to look at your App, wait patiently for a reply.

    • Be active. Being off the server for 2+ weeks will result in demotion
      • This doesn't mean log in every few days to show you're active, We WILL check your in game activity too.
    • Follow the server rules. Breaking any of the rules may result in demotion
    • Be dedicated. Being staff on another server will result in demotion or application being denied

    If your application has not had a decision reached within 3 months it will be closed. This is not because we do not find you fit to be a helper, this may be due to you not being a known player for staff to strong feelings either way. Feel free to re-apply later.

    Edit: If you do make a helper application and change your name whilst you're waiting to have your application looked at, make sure you EDIT YOUR POST TO YOUR NEW NAME.
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