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    Before Submitting a ban appeal please make sure to read all of the following information
    Ban Appeal Submission Rules
    -If you have already submitted a ban appeal, do not make a new thread. Click the EDIT button on it and change it to this format.
    - Do not appeal tempbans (displays a time) unless you are 100% it is an error.
    - Any mention of "I was going to donate" or "I want my money back" as an excuse will immediately result in a closed thread and no possibility of unban.
    -Do not add polls onto your ban. They will be removed. and app may be denied
    -Posting multiple appeals will result in forum ban
    -Contacting a member of staff other than with the ban appeal itself will result in an immediate denial. Any tempbans will be extended.
    -Do not make a ban appeal for a forum banned player. You will be forum banned as well.


    Ban Appeal Information and rulings.
    - We ban accounts, not the people who control the account. "my friend/brother/dog did it" is not a valid excuse.
    - If you are a donor and have broken the rules, this does not make you exempt from the punishment.
    -Staff also make mistakes sometimes during ban appeals and will apologize when wrong . Don't make a big deal out of it when they have.
    -The staff on this server are people too. They have lives and other things to do too, do not expect an immediate response.
    - Please bump your appeal if you do not get a response within a week
    -All staff will check over the ban reason in case there is some mistake unless they know 100% that the banned player is the guilty party.
    -PhanaticD has the final ruling over all ban appeals and can give or revoke a ban
    -All bans are based upon our rules found


    Submitting a Ban appeal
    To appeal a ban start a new thread with your username and the person who banned you as the title. Copy the following format and fill in your own answers. Do not include the link that shows in your ban reason.


    1. Current username and if changed username when banned if different than current

    2. What are you appealing? (Perm ban, Tempban, Mute, ipban)

    3. What were you banned for? Post the exact message presented upon trying to log in, or the message showed on the ban management page.

    4. What is your rank on any of our servers? Guest/Member/Donor (please only state one)

    5. Do you think this ban is correct?

    6. Why should your ban be reversed?

    7. Please tag the staff member who banned you (use an @ before their name)(if console banned you, tag PhanaticD)


    All bans will be looked over and considered. The unbans section is here to help those wrongly banned. If you broke the rules don't expect to be unbanned.

    Donating for unban: http://phanaticmc.buycraft.net/category/61735
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