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    Name - Lauren, IGN LaurenInSummer
    Age - 19
    Timezone - Central
    Gender - Female
    Rank - Member, soon to be donor
    Which server do you prefer - Skyblock
    How long have you been playing - I've been playing Minecraft since 2012. I took 2 years away from it to focus on school. I've been on PhanaticMC for less than a month.
    Words/Phrases you say frequently - Y'all, I'm from Mississippi so I can't help it :)
    Favorite Animal - Cats, I have three. Tootie, Marbles, and Snots
    Favorite Color - Red
    Favorite Song - drugs by Eden
    Favorite Book - Fahrenheit 451
    Favorite Movie - Pacific Rim
    Favorite TV Show - Black Mirror

    I currently attend the University of Mississippi and I am majoring in pharmacy. This summer I will be working as a pharmacy technician, getting on the job experience. I love to help people but cannot handle the blood and gore of being a doctor. As a pharmacist I can help people while keeping my distance from their bodily problems. ;)

    I love making new friends but I'm a little shy when it comes to starting a conversation. If y'all want to know anything else about me, send me a message! I'd love to get to know everyone! :hearteyecat-small:

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