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    Please familiarize yourself the staff information document before applying, then create a new thread with responses to the questions below

    If you made a application with the old web form feel free to make a new one here, there was way too much spam and clutter so I will not be looking at those

    Applications will be immediately deleted if:
    - You have not been helper rank for at least two weeks (apply here)
    - you cannot answer the questions with full confidence
    - you are 14 or younger


    Real Name:

    Full Discord Username:



    Country+Time Zone:

    Prior Experience or Qualifications (If Any):

    Link to your helper application please:

    Which are the main gamemodes you play on:

    If you were owner what would you change on PhanaticMC:

    If I told you to enable 2fa for your account would you know what I am talking about:

    If someone was to ask "how do I work with people on skyblock?" what would you tell them:

    If someone asked how to add people to their protections in skygrid what would you tell them:

    If someone was accused of cheating in PvP, what would you do to verify the accusation:

    What would you consider to be malicious spam, and what would you consider to be noob spam? please give examples and punitive actions you would take for both:

    when you ban someone for griefing a base, what three things must always be included in the ban reason:

    When doing a grief report, someone says someone broke their beacon with the diamond block pyramid. However you have no idea where it was in their base. How would you use prism to locate the location of the beacon? (do not write "/pr near" or "/pr i" we want a detailed lookup command):

    A player makes a report saying all their horses were killed, what prism command would you use to see who specifically killed the horses in the area? (do not write "/pr near" or "/pr i" we want a detailed lookup command):
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