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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Vacationist, Apr 11, 2019.

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    1. Banned Players Username
    + username when banned if different than current

    2. What are you appealing? (Perm ban, Tempban, Mute, ipban)
    3. What were you banned for? Post the exact message presented upon trying to log in, or the message showed on the ban management page.
    "Telling players to go to another server after previous warning"
    4. What is your rank on any of our servers? Guest/Member/Donor (please only state one)
    5. Do you think this mute is correct?
    6. Why should your Mute be reversed?
    I was not aware I had a previous warning for telling players to go to another server and had no idea that this was against the rules since the last time I checked. I was genuinely trying to help out a friend with an air trick that couldn't be done on this server so I asked him to hop on another server for a moment. Now that I know, I definetly will not do it again.
    7. Please tag the staff member who muted you (use an @ before their name)(if console banned you, tag PhanaticD)
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    Advertising or mentioning other servers was always against the rules. The server prompts you ever 10 minutes to read the rules to avoid breaking them.
    This was not the first time you mentioned or talked about other servers. Even trying to evade the filter by calling servers by their first letter or shorter form is still considered advertising.

    I will reduced this to a temp mute make sure it won't happen again in the future!
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