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    Name? Naya / Pacchi
    Age? 17
    Birthday? 20th September
    Timezone? AEST (Australia!)
    Gender? Female
    What would you do if you were the opposite of your gender? die :)
    Rank? Legend
    Which server do you prefer? Bending + Survival
    How long have you been playing? I started a few years ago but recently got back into minecraft
    How often are you online and for how long? Well I try to be online as much as possible!
    Biggest accomplishment on this server? becoming a millionaire in survival -3-
    Favorite event that occurs on the server? (Contests, Voting, Holiday, Kits) I don't have a favourite
    Best thing that ever happened to you? -
    Worst thing that ever happened to you? -
    Words/Phrases you say frequently? an unsettling amount of swearing ;~;
    Your greatest fear? heights as all hell
    Most recent embarrassing thing that happened to you? I fell and dislocated my knee while eating KFC so-
    Favorite member(s) who plays on this server and why? I can't say I have a favourite I love everyone -3-
    Favorite Animal? Dogs and Kangaroos
    Favorite Color? pale greens/yellows, just pale/soft pastel themes
    Favorite Song? Make You Mine - PUBLIC and Prom Dress - mxmtoon
    Favorite Book? don't have one
    Favorite Movie? like everything star wars to be completely honest
    Favorite TV Show? The Good Place
    Favorite item/block? Book and Quill
    Favorite mob? b e e
    Favorite update? can't decide
    Favorite vacation spot? I don't vacation-
    Favorite place to be alone? anywhere really
    Favorite thing to do with your spare time? often binge watch movies :3
    Favorite person you enjoy spending time with? a few people from the server are nice to be with! like lalaras! but irl my best friend is definitely the best to just chill out with
    Favorite biome? Extreme Hills
    Favorite tree? -birch
    Favorite thing to do when nobody is looking? c r y
    Something that made you laugh ridiculously hard. -
    Something you wish was added to vanilla minecraft. 128 x 128 skins, I want more detailed skins ;3;
    Something you wish existed. honestly a super powered world would be sick
    Something you wish was still around. I got nothin
    Something you wish this server had or had at some point and want back. I genuinely have no idea
    Something you're extremely talented at or have a thing for. Drawing! and 3D modeling

    If you're in school:
    School year/grade? Class of 2020 ;3
    Favorite Class? Creative Arts
    In any sports? Badminton
    In any clubs? No
    Worst class? -
    Worst grade you have ever gotten? I mean my GPA was a 2.7 at some point after being an only 4.0 student
    Any Accomplishments throughout highschool? (Sports-wise or Academically) Becoming Dance Captain at my old school
    What do you do when you're bored in class? doodle on my worksheets
    Are you a procrastinator or get it done right away type student? half and half, depends on the day
    Are you an overachiever or under achiever? ^
    Do you have a job? Not yet but hope to get one soon!

    Feel free to hit me up on discord!
    Pacchi *・゚✧*#0309
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    HIya Mom :>

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