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Discussion in 'Builder Applications' started by propikker, Sep 15, 2019.

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    what is your in- game name:propikker
    what is your discord:propikker#3169
    what is your timezone:GTM +1i live in holland (nederland)
    have you used worldedit: yes i have worldedit
    how active i am:i am active not verry active i am now 10 and i got minecraft when i was 5 i think i play phanatic 4 years now
    what`s my specialty: worldedit
    what thema i can build: i mostly like creating mountains
    why do i wanne be builder on phanatic: cus i think that i can help whit my worldedit and i hope that i can get some tips from other builders:
    what makes me stand out as a builder: my worldedit most things i do whit worldedit (like creating mountains)
    i not have clips on this moment i will get some fore u in my 2.0 propikker`s builder application
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    You need examples of stuff you have made

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