Factions Remove Custom Enchants

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by laurencebaojd, May 19, 2017.


Do you think custom enchants are a good addition to factions?

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  1. Yes I like to kill people in 1 hit because I can't pvp

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  2. No I prefer the old factions

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  1. laurencebaojd

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    What is your suggestion?
    I suggest that we remove custom enchants from factions.

    Why do we need this? or What made you post this suggestion?
    We need this because custom enchants are way too op. For example on survival I have a sharp 10 with 5 custom enchants and with strength 2 it can do 1058 damage per hit. That's way too op. For survival I understand having Custom enchants in the mix, adding a bit more fun and spice to the game. On factions its just too much.

    What are the possible negative aspects of your suggestion?
    The bad thing about this suggestion is I mean if people really want custom enchants sure. But right now factions is basically survival just harder and with power and shit. It's pretty similar right now with custom enchants and I honestly I think that the advantages of this far outweigh the cons.

    What are the positive aspects of your suggestion?
    The good thing about this suggestion is it'll help balance pvp A LOT and it'll make factions harder like the game its meant to be. If your soft go to survival but factions is meant to be hard and filled with competitive pvp but with custom enchants it'll just be who has the a sword that can kill in 1 hit.

    How can this suggestions be achieved on the server?
    This can be done by just simply removing the custom enchant plugin.

    I also created a poll for people to leave their responses so please vote accordingly so we can make factions better.
  2. PhanaticD

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    I already addressed this to you in-game, also your poll and this suggestion in general is overly biased which makes me take it less seriously
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