Skywars Map Submission Guidelines

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    SkyWars Map Submissions Guidelines

    If you have built a good quality map, you will receive the Elite rank in the SkyWars Server. If you are already Elite, you will receive the next rank up.

    To post a submission, you must follow this format or else it will not be accepted:

    Map Name:
    Warp, Coordinates+World or
    Info we might need to know (including player amount):


    Guidelines and requirements for SkyWars Maps:

    • Map must be a 4 or 6 player map
    • In accordance to the amount of players you want in your map, there will need to be "starting tubes" in your map at each island. The starter tube is where a player will spawn and drop down from when the map starts. This is what it looks like: >starter tubes< This must be copied exactly as how it is shown!
    • Do not place any signs inside the map other than the starting tubes or else it will screw up the map!
    • Try to equally space out your maps from the middle (if you plan on having a middle) so no players have too much of an advantage/disadvantage.
    • The map must be smaller than 100x100
    • Make sure to leave chests blank, as the items are randomly generated. (you can add extra items and they will be in there alongside the random items however)
    • Try to be as unique and original as possible, if you post a map that is too similar to one what we already have, it will not be accepted.
    • do not submit "pixel art" maps
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