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    My ingame name is TheDerpMaster

    My discord is The Derp Master#6969

    My timezone is CET

    I mostly build by hand, but i have used worldedit before and I understand what it does and how it works.

    I am currently in school, yet I still find time to play minecraft, I consider myelf pretty active, and I believe other players can confirm. I dont know exactly when I started playing, yet I do know that i first played on the server, and on bending since the previous wipe, for quite a while aswell. I used to have a little underwater town.

    To be honest I only play on bending, so that merans I build in survival. My specialty is building underwater, i enjoy working underwater.

    I am very good at making comfy/cute builds, I like to use every inch to improve a build. im also good at building things into the environment, like a mountain.

    I would love to be a part of the builders of PhanaticMC's builder, both to improve as a builder, and bring in a positive attitude.

    I find this a very difficult question, but I think it would be my way of building, it can be very diffirent from what you would normally see.

    I dont have any screenshots, but id love to show you around my builds on the server.

    Furthermore, I am 17 years old and ive played minecraft since 2011.
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    That's cool and all but I'm more of a visual learner

    (send images)
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