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    Name? In game: xScheermes| irl: Casper
    Age? 15
    29th December
    Timezone? CET
    Gender male
    What would you do if you were the opposite of your gender? Run away :D
    Rank? Elite ( in future ill may upgrade) And element master, avatar, spirits.
    Which server do you prefer?
    How long have you been playing? 2 years
    How often are you online and for how long? mostly everyday 1/2/3 hours
    Biggest accomplishment on this server? Having much friends!
    Favorite event that occurs on the server? (Contests, Voting, Holiday Kits) I love the corona sale :D
    Best thing that ever happened to you? My violin teacher saying I'm talented in playing violin <3
    Worst thing that ever happened to you? My grandma died :(
    Words/Phrases you say frequently? Hi there <3 or Moeder Maria! xD (it means Mother Maria)
    Your greatest fear? Wasps
    Most recent embarassing thing that happened to you? My friend dragged me into the mud and everyone laughed at me.
    Favorite member(s) who plays on this server and why? @PandaBabyBear @Shad7860 @BlueHiddenWolf @MCyuvalnewNAME @Smanassa @LifeOfNiels @Sholem @Lerai And much more! <3
    Favorite Animal?
    Dogs <3
    Favorite Color? Yellow<3
    Favorite Song? Roxxanne
    Favorite Book? Harry Potter
    Favorite Movie? Detective pikachu
    Favorite TV Show? Flash
    Favorite item/block? I think end rod but I'm not sure though.
    Favorite mob? Wolf
    Favorite update? Corona sale :D
    Favorite vacation spot? Sweden
    Favorite place to be alone? Bedroom
    Favorite thing to do with your spare time? Practice violin, play mc or read a book.
    Favorite person you enjoy spending time with? My best friend <3
    Favorite biome? Ice spike biome.
    Favorite tree? Spruce
    Favorite thing to do when nobody is looking? idk
    Something that made you laugh ridiculously hard. A Youtube channel named: ClickForTaz. Lol hilarious
    Something you wish was added to vanilla minecraft. Bending, I wished that wasn't a mod but just normal Minecraft.
    Something you wish existed. Bending
    Something you wish was still around. My grandma
    Something you with this server had or had at some point and want back. A friend that is not longer online anymore
    Something you're extremely talented at or have a thing for. Playing violin, speaking Swedish (I'm Swedish and Dutch)

    If you're in school:
    School year/grade?
    9th grade
    Favorite Class? Music
    In any sports? Korfbal ( a dutch sport I don't like it though, but I need to do a sport from my parents :( )
    In any clubs? No
    Worst class? Gym, im terrible
    Worst grade you have ever gotten? a 2,3 out of 10
    Any Accomplishments throughout highschool? (Sports-wise or Academically) I'm in the student council.
    What do you do when you're bored in class? Sleep xD
    Are you a procrastinator or get it done right away type student? A organized one.
    Are you an overachiever or under achiever? under achiever.
    Do you have a job? No.
    Where do you see yourself ten years into the future? I don't know... Really I don't know lol.
    School Project that made you proud of yourself? On one presentation I got a 10 lol.

    If you're out of school?
    Did you go on to getting the career you majored in?
    Do you have a career, if so what is it?
    What is your favorite part of your job if you have one?
    Have you started a family/gotten married?
    Where do you see yourself ten years into the future?
    If you are currently unemployed, are you trying to find a new job?
    What was the longest period of time you held a job for? (A legit one)
    Kids? If so, number of and how many?
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